In this episode, Dr. Tabatha interviews Aimee Carlson, The Toxin Terminator. She shares her story of struggling with daily headaches and hormone imbalances, and not finding answers from conventional medicine. Once she realized her symptoms were due to toxin accumulation, she began a mission to educate people about the toxins we are exposed to everyday and how they impact our health.

We talk about the health effects of pesticides, cleaning products, personal care products, and other endocrine disruptors. We give you alternatives and hope that we can decrease our toxic burden together.

Episode Mentions:
This is the Environmental Working Group’s Endocrine Disruptors List-
Aimee’s website to take her free Toxic Risk Assessment- http://aimeecarlson.com/
My website link to the True Cellular Detox Program https://www.drtabatha.com/tcd