Christine believes practicing yoga has many healing powers. She struggled silently with depression, eating disorders, and feeling inadequate for many years. Uninterested and uneducated in all things yoga, she attempted her first class. She felt emotional in an incredible way; like a heavy weight had been lifted off her shoulders. Christine was hopeful of a happier future. She learned to be present to her breath, and how that helped to quiet her mind chatter and anxieties. Yoga taught her to let go of comparison and be grateful for the gifts her body gives.

Christine suffered two herniated discs from a very stressful job years later. Yoga helped her live in peace with her pain, as well as being mindful of how she treated her body. Her safe, modified and consistent yoga practice with a knowledgeable yoga teacher helped prevent back surgery.

She ultimately received her RYT200 to help heal people; whatever their story may be. Christine is a nurse, so it’s important to her to teach safe, functional flows that strengthen and maintain the natural mobility of joints as well as increase flexibility in the body. She teaches about self-care, self-love and self acceptance. Her motto is “the most advanced pose is wherever the student’s body allows today.” She hopes that yoga will help students be more mindful of their bodies, appreciate the present moment and let go of their ego and expectations. That’s when absolute love and magic happens.

Let Christine share the healing powers of yoga with you on Wednesdays, 6:30-7:30 pm at PrivaMD. Visit our events page to sign up for her VinYin Class.

PrivaMD Christine Harder

Christine Harder
PrivaMD Practice Support Nurse/RN + Registered Yoga Teacher