defy aging

PrivaMD | Aesthetics Pri-mier Facials help you defy aging with the latest in luxury skin care products.

eliminate acne scarring

PrivaMD | Aesthetics Pri-mier Facials help you eliminate acne scarring with the latest in luxury skin care products.

overcome rosacea

PrivaMD | Aesthetics Pri-mier Facials help you overcome rosacea with the latest in luxury skin care products.

PrivaMD | Aesthetics is pleased to offer our line of Pri-mier Clinical Facials

Experience deep cleansing and restorative enhancements to your face, neck, and décolletage all while relaxing in the privacy of a spa atmosphere. PrivaMD aestheticians use the exclusive line of luxury organic skin care products from KPS Essentials. KPS Essentials’ products are proven to deliver unparalleled cleansing, hydrating, and softening qualities to your skin. Best of all it is all organic!

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PrivaMD Pri-mier

facials are designed to combat common dermatological ailments that our guests deal with each and every day. Pri-mier Facials consist of the following:

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Essential Signature Facial

This signature facial is designed to activate your skin’s natural ability to generate hyaluronic acid chondroitin. The end result is a superior glow and increased hydration.


Charcoal Mask Add On – $10

Decolletage Treatment Add On -$25

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Anti Aging Facial

Recommended for guests who are seeking treatment to help reverse the signs of aging. This facial uses the latest skincare technology to visibly lift, tighten and reduce fine lines and wrinkles all while using a combination of luxury organic products.


Charcoal Mask Add On – $10

Decolletage Treatment Add On -$25

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Acne, Milia, and Scar Facial

Ideal for those dealing with acne, milia, and scars on the face and neck regions. Diminish facial scarring and send acne and milia on its way with this 13-step facial.


Charcoal Mask Add On – $10

Decolletage Treatment Add On -$25

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Oncology Facial

Recommended for guests that are receiving oncology treatments. This facial stimulates stem cells to refill the adipose layer of the skin creating added volume.


Pri mier
Eczema, Psoriasis, and Rosacea Facial

The perfect facial for those that are impacted by eczema, psoriasis, or rosacea. In nine therapeutic steps our aestheticians cleanse, nourish, hydrate, and restore our guest’s complexion.


Charcoal Mask Add On – $10

Decolletage Treatment Add On – $25

Maintain your perfect skin with the #1 all-natural, organic, and vegan free skincare line.

PrivaMD | Aesthetics is proud to be Western
Michigan’s Elite KPS retail partner. We proudly stand behind the quality and efficacy of KPS products as there is no other skincare product that even compares.

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Clinical Facials to

meet your every need

The PrivaMD | Aesthetics team offers an entire line of facials to meet your every need. From wrinkles to acne scarring…rosacea….to eczema; we help our guest get back their youthful glow. Our clinically trained staff takes their time to understand your needs, educate you on the process, and deliver remarkable results. Results that your friends and family will be envious of!

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