Primary Care, let us help you with

a lingering cold.

Primary Care, let us help you with

managing your meds.

Primary Care, let us help you with

irritable bowel.

Primary Care, let us help you with

diabetic care.

PrivaMD|Physicians are dedicated to your health and wellbeing.

As your primary care provider, we rely on an integrative care model that puts you and your health concerns first. We schedule up to 60-minute visits with your provider and care team, so we can truly listen to understand your system and not just your symptoms.

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The Care You Need, When You Need It

There are many reasons you might need to see a doctor. Sometimes, you need to see your primary care
physician for a routine checkup or preventive care. Other times, you might need treatment when you’re
sick. And in some cases, you might have a more serious injury or illness and need to be referred to a

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Health Care That Addresses the Root Cause

Our Primary Care Provider performs routine check-ups, diagnoses and treats acute and chronic conditions and injuries, and provides preventive medicine to help educate and promote well-being for adolescent, adult and geriatric patients.

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PrivaMD Adam Strantz

Adam Strantz, PA-C

PrivaMD Functional Medicine Practitioner + Family Medicine
“I view my role as a partner in helping my patients on their health journey – supporting them so they can live their best life.

I believe that health-promoting practices should be interwoven into all areas of our lives and not just confined to a medical office. Moreover, I’m a strong believer in the benefits of integrating both western medicine and eastern medicine’s alternative modalities to provide patients with the personalize, comprehensive health care they deserve.”

Adam graduated with Honors from Central Michigan University in 2011. He has always found a deep sense of reward from improving the lives of others and as a PA helping them solve problems in the rapidly evolving field of health care. Adam realized the healing and transformative power of functional medicine through his own health struggles and brings a uniquely individualized and empathetic approach to the care he provides.

His areas of interest include brain health and gut health. He has witnessed an epidemic of premature brain dysfunction and believes that functional medicine uniquely suited to help improve the brain’s ability to thrive in the modern world. In his practice, he investigates the root cause of gastrointestinal disturbances and offers treatments that address the causes, not just the symptoms.


Adam lives and works in West Michigan because of its energy and undeniable beauty. “The lakeshore is a playground for some of my family’s favorite activities – biking, boating, beachcombing and exploring.” When Adam isn’t partnering with his patients on their health journeys, he’s spending time with his wife, Shana and daughter, Harper. He enjoys cooking, running, playing the guitar and singing. In fact, Adam even auditioned for “The Voice” in 2015!

Learn more about our integrative approach to traditional and functional medicine. Download the PrivaMD|Physicians brochure.

PrivaMD|Physicians FAQs

Care Coordination
Transparency + Accountability.

That’s the PrivaMD way. Whether it be exercised in a Care Team Consult or by securing and managing patient portal data, PrivaMD is highly engaged and collaborative in coordinating their patients’ care.

With longer consultative visits, we will ensure a complete and accurate diagnosis. When there are differing opinions about your course of care, we will work in collaboration with you, and with health care providers to avoid circular discussions and diagnoses.

We will make sure that your entire care team listens to you and is aligned on next steps. And when a specialist is required, you will have a say; and PrivaMD has the responsibility to advocate and align your healthcare providers. PrivaMD wants you to be comfortable with the quality of care that you receive. We are transparent in all that we do.

Flexible + Personalized
How so?

Because our Physicians are not bound by volume-based visits, we have the ability to take the necessary time to get to the bottom of your patients’ health issues.

Is My Information Safe?

We offer state-of-the-art HIPPA-compliant platforms that allow for texting and TeleHealth communication with patients—most of which are dropped right in the patient’s chart!

Just Not Feeling 100 Percent?
Get the answers you deserve.

PrivaMD physicians and practitioners use functional medicine to determine why you're feeling so tired, unfocused, or just plain sick. We address health concerns at their root cause and partner with you to develop your personalized path to total health and wellness.

Contact PrivaMD to start your path to a better you.

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PrivaMD|Physicians and PrivaMD|Wellness is a custom, relationship-based health care option for patients seeking integrative care and functional medicine. We focus on preventative, collaborative care that truly supports our patients' individual journeys to optimal health and wellness.

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