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PrivaMD focuses on causes, not symptoms. As a functional medicine practice, we’re here to help you make measurable progress towards your wellness goals using a holistic, biological systems-based approach. Here, every diagnosis is made in the full light of your genes, environment, nutrition, and lifestyle. Taking all of these impactful factors into account, we’re able to establish a health and wellness plan that puts you on a path to healing.

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Just the Care You Need. Choose a Wellness Package that works for you.

At PrivaMD we believe that you know your body best. We’re here to listen to your concerns, find a root cause, and develop a wellness path based on a holistic picture of your life. We know that not all services are right for every patient, so we invite you to choose the services that best support your needs and goals on your journey to wellness. You don’t need a membership to receive any of the services at PrivaMD, but many of our patients find that our wellness packages offer the services they regularly seek, at a significantly reduced cost.

  • Holistic treatments
  • A customized approach to treatment
  • Services that support your wellness journey

Collaboration and Integration with

PrivaMD is dedicated to offering our patients access to preventative, holistic functional medicine that treats the whole person. For collaborative care, you can also look into our PrivaMD|Physicians, who specialize in both traditional and functional medicine for your primary care, women’s health and pain management needs. Your PrivaMD wellness practitioners and physicians will work together to treat your health concerns at their root cause, and offer holistic solutions that put you on a path to complete health and wellness.

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Meet our wellness team

Our Functional Medicine practitioners take a personalized approach to treatment. We work with you to understand your specific health drivers, and we place a strong emphasis on preventative care.
PrivaMD Shana Strantz

Shana Strantz, PA-C


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Brenda Wachter


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Lisa Cobb


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Morgan Cullen

Wellness Coordinator
+ Functional Nutritionist

Wellness FAQs

Do I Need A Membership To Receive Service?
No, you don’t need a membership to receive any PrivaMD service. Please feel free to give us a call about any service you’re interested in. We do offer wellness packages that provide our clients seeking a number of services bundled at a significantly lower rate, but you don’t have to have a wellness package or a membership to receive service.
What Can I Expect From My First Visit with a Health Coach?
At PrivaMD, we do things a little differently. On your first visit with your health coach, plan to spend about an hour discussing your health history, your goals, and any wellness concerns you may have. Our first priority is to provide you with the very best care according to your environment, nutrition, genes, and lifestyle. We work hard to deliver personalized healthcare solutions for you, based on a real conversation and relationship with your health coach.
Can I Just Stop In For A Wellness Service?
While we try to accommodate all of our patients as quickly as possible, we do recommend that you call ahead. While some services, like IV Nutrition Therapy, can be administered same-day, we want to make sure we have the staff and supplies we need to provide you with the best experience possible.

Just Not Feeling 100 Percent?
Get the answers you deserve.

PrivaMD physicians and practitioners use functional medicine to determine why you're feeling so tired, unfocused, or just plain sick. We address health concerns at their root cause and partner with you to develop your personalized path to total health and wellness.

Contact PrivaMD to start your path to a better you.


I’m so excited that this type of cutting-edge healthcare is right here in Grand Haven! Functional Lifestyle Medicine truly is the epitome of patient care – it takes into consideration my nutrition and lifestyle choices and how these affect my overall health.

Christine C.


I’m so excited that this type of cutting-edge healthcare is right here in Grand Haven! Functional Lifestyle Medicine truly is the epitome of patient care – it takes into consideration my nutrition and lifestyle choices and how these affect my overall health.

Christine C.

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PrivaMD|Physicians and PrivaMD|Wellness is a custom, relationship-based health care option for patients seeking integrative care and functional medicine. We focus on preventative, collaborative care that truly supports our patients' individual journeys to optimal health and wellness.

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