Suzanne Tershak-Tither, FNP-BC, MAc, LAc

Functional Medicine Practitioner

Suzanne Tershak-Tither is a board-certified Family Nurse Practitioner and a nationally certified acupuncturist. Suzanne received her Bachelor of Nursing degree from the Johns Hopkins University School of Nursing and Master of Acupuncture from the Traditional Acupuncture Institute in Columbia, MD. She graduated summa cum laude from the University of Maryland School of Nursing with her Family Nurse Practitioner degree in 2012.

Suzanne has worked within functional and integrative medicine settings nationwide and combines her skills as both an eastern and western medical care practitioner to meet patient needs. She cares for men, women and children with mild to severe chronic illnesses including auto-immune conditions, digestive disorders, lyme disease, fibromyalgia and chronic fatigue syndrome; allergies; male and female hormone imbalances; food sensitivities and more. Suzanne has trained extensively via the Institute for Functional Medicine, the American Academy of Anti-Aging Medicine as well as the Functional Medicine University. She is also currently studying with Andrea Nakayama via the Functional Nutrition Alliance. Suzanne’s commitment is to her patients; ensuring each and every one is given the deserved time, attention and comprehensive approach to health and wellness from the comfort of their own home. She will guide a treatment plan tailored to your specific needs and uses supplements, nutrition and nutrient therapy, lifestyle and stress management; bio-identical hormones, medications if needed; mind/body/spirit integration; acupuncture, energy medicine and more to help her patients achieve ultimate wellness. Suzanne brings with her true compassion, warmth, humor and the ability to connect with her patients easily. She has a forward- thinking approach to health care and remains curious and committed to learning as much as she possibly can to better the lives of her patients.

When not practicing medicine, Suzanne can be found reading, writing, practicing yoga, studying astrology, hiking, camping, cross country skiing, fishing and exploring the Big Sky wilderness with her husband Eric and their 3 year old Labrador retriever named Ben. She currently resides in Montana and is eager to serve all ages men, women and children. She is licensed in Oregon, Montana and Michigan. She will also be supporting clients on-site intermittently at the PrivaMD | Center for Functional Medicine location in Grand Haven, MI.

PrivaMD|Physicians FAQs

What is Functional Medicine and what does it Treat?
The use of Functional Medicine is a systematic approach to understand the cause of chronic illness. Functional Medicine practitioners look at the interaction between nutrition and genes, hormones, your gut microbiome, social influences, biochemistry, and pathophysiology to get to the root cause. In addition to diagnosing and treating many chronic illnesses, we specialize in hormone in-balance, brain health, heavy metals and detoxification, and anti-aging.
Do the providers with TCFM accept insurance?
We do not bill insurance for the providers with TCFM. However, we will provide you a superbill/receipt if you would like to submit to your insurance for reimbursement
Why don’t you accept insurance?
While we understand the importance of having insurance coverage for catastrophic needs or hospital stays, insurance reimbursements limit the time we can feasibly spend with patients to provide the individual assessments we need. Furthermore, insurance typically does not pay for or limits our ability to conduct the detailed lab testing and other diagnostic work that provides the answers we need to get to the root cause.
Are the providers with TCFM Primary Care Providers?
While many of our providers can meet some of your primary care needs, the providers with TCFM are more specialized in their approach. Our goal is to help you get to the root cause of disease and symptoms and improve overall health. However, we will work with your Primary Care Provider to ensure collaboration. In particular, although it is not required, we encourage you to select a Primary Care Provider with PrivaMD Physicians. These physicians are selectively contracted with because we know they value a holistic approach to medicine, think outside the box, and consider eastern medicine therapies. Furthermore, our EMR (Electronic Medical Record) is shared with them allowing for easier collaboration. You may select one of them to manage your insured, primary care, and acute care needs.
I am concerned about cost. I pay for insurance, why would I pay cash for my health care?
Our payment system for health care is designed to pay when you are sick but not keep you well. As in automobile insurance, regular maintenance (oil changes, tires etc) are not covered by insurance. You receive reimbursement when you have an accident and that typically is after a deductible. At PrivaMD Center for Functional Medicine we view our roles as key to helping your body treat itself. Not only fix the root cause but MAINTAIN wellness. Too often people do not love themselves enough to invest in their own health and wellness. We do offer packages that help you save money on the diagnostic services, as well as credit plans like Denefits and (hopefully soon) Care Credit.
Are there different specialists at The PrivaMD | Center For Functional Medicine?
Yes, the Physicians and Providers at The PrivaMD | Center For Functional Medicine have different areas of specialties.
Does the PrivaMD | Center For Functional Medicine offer a package solution?
Yes, various packages are available to ensure our patients get the to the state of optimal health. These packages are tailored to meet the needs of all individuals and offer a wide range of benefits.

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