Imagine you are about to give a public speech before a large crowd. How does your stomach feel? For many people, this situation produces a”butterflies” feeling. You’re introduced to a new person–maybe a colleague, or a child’s teacher or coach, or even a date–and you instantly have a “gut reaction” about something in their demeanor. When traveling home from work, you unexpectedly leave later or take a different route because you had a “gut feeling” that you needed to.

Our guts are speaking to us all the time, and we mostly accept that communication without a lot of thought. However, the fascinating aspect of gut-brain communication is that while 10% of our brain-gut activity originates in the brain, a whopping 90% of the activity happens the opposite–from the gut TO the brain.

This is astounding, when considering the health and happiness of your buy abdominal biome! This means the gut is the largest source of advice, direction, and feedback from the whole of the body, up into the brain. The intestine is working to gather up all the information about the quality of our food intake, the safety and purity of our physical surroundings, the balance of our hormones, and so much more. This “intake”, as it may be, is then sent up to the brain for evaluation.

Knowing that the gut is a partner, sending its evaluation up to the brain, might help us consider our mental processes in a different light. Perhaps, when we feel particularly anxious, or edgy, or fearful, angry or worried we should pause and wonder what information the abdominal biome is trying to convey. Did we supply enough water, healthy fats, energizing electrolytes and protein? Or did we muddy the area with heavily processed foods, sugary sodas or other inflammatory foods?

There is a lot of research in the relationship between our gut biome and our mental health, and much yet to find out. However, knowing that something as simple as putting our hands on our bellies in times of distress, or knowing to rub a baby’s tummy for colic underpins the healing value in touch.

Our natural instinct is to soothe with our hands, and our gut-brain partnerships in action when we do. Abdominal massage aims to restore the five systems of”flow” to our gut: circulatory, venous, lymphatic, nerve, and chi/qi. The protocol used by abdominal therapy practitioners calls us to help align the pelvis and musculature of the abdomen so that the gut-brain communication pathway is working optimally.

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