Whether you are new to PrivaMD or an existing patient, you might be wondering what
our Health Coaches do?
To put it simply, our health coaches act as your personal health guides along your
wellness journey. They help you implement the treatment plans put forth by your primary
provider and ensure that you reach your health goals.
At PrivaMD, our health coaches help to carry the baton from the provider going forth.
This means your health coach can help to:
1. Identify additional hurdles in your health that are needed for progress and walking
you through the best approaches; whether that is eliminating a specific food from your
your diet, reducing stress forming activities, or uncovering mental barriers.
2. Provide insight to and explain testing results or current treatments; whether that is
helping you understand the meaning of your digestive test results or your hormonal test
3. Provide recommendations on diet, nutrition, lifestyle strategies and more that can
help you to achieve your goals; whether that is moving to a gluten-free diet, losing
weight, or reducing sugar cravings.
But best of all, our health coaches collaborate with our physicians and ensure treatment
plans are followed and report back to the primary provider with updates or needed
tweaks to your treatment plan. This helps to create continuity and promote collaboration
between our providers all the while providing you the most comprehensive care.
Health coaches often meet with their clients more regularly and work with them one-onone or in group sessions to help facilitate growth. This is important because the science
of health coaching is not about implementing a one-size-fits-all or cookie cutter
approach, but rather taking a unique, personalized plan that follows the primary
providers initial recommendations all the while helping you to overcome hurdles along
the way.
With the average doctors visit today being very brief with follow ups months apart, this
can create a big gap in understanding and providing the best recommendations for
patients and clients. Having the collaboration between primary physician and health
coach helps to bridge this gap in care and is crucial for longstanding success.
Health is formed by a combination of factors including your physical, mental, and
emotional health and these are the things that your health coach can ensure are being
balanced. So whether it comes to your diet and nutrition plan, lifestyle activities,
physical exercise regimen, or emotional balancing, your health coach can help to guide
you in those directions.

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